About Ostovich & Associates, PC

Ostovich & Associates, PC attorneys work primarily in the area of personal injury and litigation ensuring comprehensive legal knowledge in their concentrated practice.

Ostovich & Associates, PC has evolved into one of the premier providers of personal injury representation in north Texas.

Our lawyers bring litigation perspective to every case we handle. We approach every case as though it is going to trial. This discipline insures the maximum recovery in every situation.

Our attorneys have individually developed areas of expertise and we use our resources to build teams that meet the particular requirements of every case we are involved in.

Our history of achievement at trial has created a reputation for excellence and an ability to obtain a full and adequate settlement for our clients.

Our relationships, dedication to quality, unparalleled understanding of the law and devotion to client service create in Ostovich & Associates, PC a unique ability to shorten the time usually required to bring a case to a successful conclusion. We never forget that "Justice delayed is Justice denied".