Keys to not get tricked by big insurance into settling for a lowball offer

If you are hurt in a car accident as a result of the fault of another, chances are the insurance company will contact you and convince you they will take care of you, so you do not need an attorney who will charge out of your recovery.

Consider that the adjustor has a job to do. His/her job is to pay out as little money on your personal injury claim as possible. Why do you think they try to persuade you not to get an attorney?

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee so the incentive is for them to get you as much as possible. Even considering an attorney’s percentage being deducted, you get more than without an attorney.

An experienced personal injury trial attorney should be able to determine they can add value to your claim. For instance, if you just went to the emergency room or your family doctor one time for your injury,the attorney may not be able to justify taking your case.

However, if you have a significant injury with ongoing treatment, you should consider hiring an attorney to protect your rights and fight for what is fair. Often it is a benefit to let an attorney take the hassle out of dealing with the insurance company.

Don’t be bullied or sweet talked into taking less than you deserve by big insurance companies.