Hidden victims.

"... lawyers may have to invest $50,000 or more to pursue a case, and they usually only get paid if they win or settle. The payout is determined largely by economic ... Those who don't earn big paychecks – including children, the elderly and stay-at-home-moms – are the least likely to find an attorney, studies show."

"A 2013 Emory University School of Law study found that 95 percent of patients who seek an attorney for harm suffered during medical treatment will be shut out of the legal system, primarily for economic reasons."

"ProPublica has heard from hundreds of patients through its Patient Harm Facebook group and Patient Harm Questionnaire. The inability to find a lawyer is a common refrain."

Excerpted from: Patient Harm: When An Attorney Won't Take Your Case by Marshall Allen and Olga Pierce, ProPublica 1-6-2014