Construction Accidents

Construction work can be a physically demanding profession and extremely dangerous. One of the most dangerous occupations in this country is construction work, due to the multitude of potential hazards at any given construction site. Heavy equipment, dangerous chemicals, and deadlines increase the hazard to workers and even bystanders will be injured. Most construction site injuries are the result of:

Other Construction Accident Estimates

Construction sites have more injuries than other employment and these result in many fatalities and/or time off from work.

Construction workers have the right to a workplace which is free of preventable hazards and accidents. In Texas construction workers cannot sue employers if they collect workers’ compensation. Construction employees who have been injured are more likely to have a lawsuit because there are usually multiple contractors used in construction work. However, if an employers gross negligence results in the death of one of its employees, specific family members can bring a lawsuit against the employer.

Types of Injuries Suffered on Construction Sites

If you or a loved one have been hurt on a construction site, first seek medical treatment, then you should contact an experienced workplace accident attorney. You may be entitled to damages such as:

How the injury occurred does not matter. Whether a fall or a scaffold collapse, you need an experienced construction accident attorney to advise you.

If you have been hurt in a construction accident in the North Texas area, please contact experienced construction accident attorny at Ostovich and Associates, P.C. for an initial consultation. We are here to help you.