Head Injuries

A traumatic brain injury resulting from negligence results in lifelong personal issues and complications. It affects every aspect of life and can make major and even menial tasks difficult. At Ostovich & Associates, P.C. in Wichita Falls, Texas, we have successfully handled many cases involving brain injuries and can help you and your family.

Effects of a Brain Injury

Motor functions, thought, memory, speech, behavior and creative thinking can all be affected from an injury to the brain. Brain injuries can happen in automobile, slip and fall, and mass transit accidents. Complications of these injuries can result in the death of the brain-damaged individual. Brain damage to any part of the brain can affect both your home and work life. If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by a negligent individual or company, you need aggressive advocacy from an experienced and knowledgeable brain injury attorney at Ostovich & Associates, P.C.

How a Traumatic Brain Injury Can Affect You

If negligence caused your traumatic brain injury, you are entitled to collect money damages if the traumatic brain injury is temporary or permanent. Job performance can suffer, and if you cannot continue your previous job, you may be entitled to lost wages. Brain injury can cause behavioral problems for you at home or your child at school, which must be addressed, and are compensable. 

In Depth Investigation and Aggressive Representation

We will investigate your your closed head trauma injury thouroughly. We review any incident reports and witness statements. We will study your medical records and speak with doctors to evaluate the extent of your traumatic brain injury. Our investigation of the person or company responsible for your brain injury, includes criminal background and driving records if the injury resulted from a vehicle crash.

To learn more about your legal rights or to make an appointment with a Texas brain injury lawyer, please contact us.