Personal Injury

Our firm represents families and individuals from all over the country who have suffered serious personal injuries while in the state of Texas. We focus our practice on protecting the rights of injured people and people killed because of the negligence or wrongful conduct of another. It costs you nothing to speak with us regarding a potential claim and there is no obligation.

We can advise you as to the value of your injury case and will prepare your case for maximum value. To determine what your claim is worth requires consideration of multiple factors. Of course, the more serious an injury the higher the compensation. If the injury is permanent, compensation will be higher than for an injury that heals. Ultimately, it comes down to what a jury in your area should reasonably award for your type of injuries. Although most cases settle prior to trial, we prepare your injury case as if it were going to trial so big insurance knows that they can not get away with a lowball offer. We will be glad to provide you with a free consultation to explain all the factors adjusters use to evaluate your claim.

Personal Injury, General - An Overview

Personal injury lawsuits arise, as the name implies, when someone is injured. The underlying injury may either be physical or emotional, and it can arise from a variety of sources or types of conduct. Some of the most common types of personal injuries that give rise to legal liability on the part of the wrongdoer include auto crashes, wrongful death, tractor-trailer accidents, industrial accidents, slip and falls and dog bites.

The purpose of personal injury actions is to assign fault - or liability - for the injury to the parties whose actions caused it and to require them to compensate the injured person for the losses suffered. If you or someone you know has been injured by the actions of another, it is essential that you seek legal counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney at once so that you can preserve your rights and protect your future; any delay can weaken or lose your case.