Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death claims can result from many different types of negligence. Typically, survivors such as a spouse, child, and/or parent are entitled to recover for various items of damages including loss of services, consortium, care, guidance, advice, counsel, training and loss of income that the deceased would have contributed over their total work life expectancy.

Losing a close family member is always an emotional and traumatic event. I can help the family through those difficult times. Please see my Personal Injury Overview for more information.

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There is a clear moral and legal obligation to repay the debt for this death and try to make the survivors, the children, spouse and parents whole, providing closure and rendering justice.

Families are destroyed and sometimes people just want to look the other way, thanks to big insurance propaganda. Its always difficult when someone dies, but tragic when the death should never have occurred. There's no more an eye for an eye. Closure and justice in the form of monetary damages is what the law allows to attempt to fix the harm.

It's the worst pain imaginable to lose a loved one, a parent, spouse, child, when the death occured because of neglect. When the death should have never happened, it's pain inside pain. Tragedy on top of tragedy. To represent a wife that has lost a husband, or a husband that has lost a wife, or parents that have lost a child is a challenging responsibility. Dignity, respect and the honoring of the deceased and their memory are so important to the family. An experienced North Texas wrongful death lawyer should comprehend all the dynamics and how each family member has been affected by the loss.