The Biggest Insurance Company Myth

Liability Insurance companies are fond of telling injury victims that here is our take it or leave it offer, you won’t get anymore. They may tell you not to hire an attorney because they will take a third, so you better take our offer. Don’t fall for tha, at least consult with an attorney to determine if that is even remotely close to the truth.

The insurance company on your side; their loyalty is to their shareholders. The more premiums they take in and the less they pay out in claims the better off they are - NOT YOU.

I welcome people with offers to contact me for a free consultation.

The next time big insurance companies try to bully you into taking their offer call an experienced personal injury trial attorney and see if she thinks you are being treated fairly. If you live in the North Texas area, I invite you to call me for a free consultation. What have you got to lose? You might be surprised to end up with more than the insurance company offered.